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Tearpads: The Pick Your Own Collection

Create your own tearpad bundle!

Choose 3 of your must-have tearpads and we will wrap them up and send them to you!

5 Tearpad Options:

  • Sunday Setup
  • Daily Setup
  • Tomorrow Setup
  • Shopping List & Meals
  • Meal Planner & Make Ahead Meals

How to Choose

1. Sunday Setup: Be specific and get your mind wrapped around the upcoming week...before it happens.

2. Daily Setup:  The daily habit of breaking down priorities into tasks will send your productivity into hyper mode. 

3. Tomorrow Setup: Use this tearpad to jot down the things that you need to literally get out of your mind and not forgot to take care of the next day.

4. Meal Planning: The easiest way to make meal planning happen each week.

5. Grocery List & Meal Plan: Shopping list, 7 day meal plan, budget and actual grocery costs

Bonus: Magnetic strip on the back so you can keep it on fridge so the whole family can see the meals planned for each day!

50 pages.

Choose which three you'd like below, and we will send them your way. 

Save when you order all 3 of the tearpads in the Pick Your Own Collection today!