The Original "20 Meals for $150" Meal Plan Series!

The FAMOUS "20 Meals for $150" PLANS can officially be found here!

These plans have been refreshed and redesigned in 2022. Same great recipes, same great plans - new look and layout for you.

We've added in 2 bundle options for each PDF as well. You can now order:

  • Digital PDF
  • Digital PDF + Bag Holders
  • Digital PDF + PRINTED PDF & Sticker Labels + Bag Holders

Click through to read the recipes lists and learn about each's meal plan download options, then decide which to order! 

While these meal plans were designed to help you use up the "bulk items" that are purchased from a warehouse store, the recipes and shopping lists can be used at any grocery store!

Save TIME, MONEY, and MORE with these amazing 20 Meals for $150 Plans!