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Sign Up Today for Erin's Freezer Cooking 101 - Video Workshop

Learn the Freezer Cooking Basics from the Queen of Freezer Meals - Erin Chase! 

What You'll Learn....

In this online video workshop, you can watch the uber-short videos at your own pace and convenience. I totally get that your time and attention span might be shorter than your toddler's, soooo...we kept them short. Just a few minutes each!

In these 3 videos, we talk about...

  • the benefits of freezer cooking.
  • how to prep, thaw and cook your meals.
  • what freezes well and doesn't freeze well.

And when you're finished with the videos, you'll be totally equipped and ready to load your freezer with amazing meals!  

What You'll Get...

We adore freebies and that's why we have LOTS of them for you in this workshop! 

  • Free Sample Freezer Meal Plan to Test Out in Your Kitchen! 

  • What to Freeze & What Not to Freeze List

  • Printable: Freezer Inventory List

  • Printable: Most Popular Meal Plan & Shopping List

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