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Skinny SPOONULA - Spoon + Spatula

Part spoon, part spatula—this multi-purpose kitchen utensil does it all. This tool will make its way into the daily rotation of any kitchen.

A most versatile tool has a sharp edge for scraping and precise scooping, plus a wide, extra-deep bowl for the really heavy stuff.

This hybrid kitchen hero combines the best parts of our Spoon and Spatula to create a tool that truly does it all. 

It combines the everyday utility of a spatula with the gently curved bowl of a spoon to make for one of our all-time favorite utensils.

It scrapes, scoops, and serves up whatever dish your heart desires. The edge is sharp for scraping and precise scooping, the bowl is extra deep, and the blade has the perfect amount of flexibility. 

Moves effortlessly between cooking and baking or sweet and savory.

100% platinum-cured, pharmaceutical grade silicone.

BPA-free, BPS-free.

Dishwasher safe.

Heat resistant to 550F. 

Stain, odor, and microbe resistant.

Dimensions: 11.0 in L x 1.8 in W

Made by GIR.