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Sunday Setup Tearpad

The Sunday Setup Tearpad is the easiest way to "keep it all together" each week!

Because reallllllly....we need something to help us keep it together.

The format of this tearpad is just that. It is THE answer to 'how I get it all done?' 

You don't need a complicated, boring spreadsheet to stay on track!

This tearpad allows you to:

  • Write out specific goals and tasks for that upcoming week. 
  • Write out meal plan for the week.
  • Sketch out and plan for irregular expenses and errands. 
  • Include any income opportunities such as new business or client, selling items from your home, etc.

Be specific and get your mind wrapped around the upcoming week...before thw week begins.

Sunday is the best time for this exercise, but we encourage overachievers to do this on Friday or Saturday too! 

Sections Include:

  • GOALS - personal, kitchen & home, parenting & marriage, ministry & social, business & hobby
  • MEALS - 7-day planner
  • MONEY - plan your errands, track expenses, project income

Bonus: Magnetic strip on the back if you want to keep on your fridge so that your goals top of mind, and in plain view, throughout the week! 

50 pages.

Order this and any of our other tearpads today!