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Mini Flisk: 3-in-1 Ballon Whisk, Sauce Whisk, Flat Whisk

Dreamfarm's Mini Flisk is a balloon whisk that twists into a shallow sauce whisk or completely flat for deglazing and tangle-free, compact storage.


You'll lost this MINI FLISK after using this amazing new 3-n-1 FLISK Whisk! 

A WHISK WORTH TAKING | Introducing the handy kitchen tool: the FLISK is a whisk that twists to create 3 types of whisks in 1; a balloon whisk for whipping, a sauce whisk for shallow liquids and a flat whisk for deglazing. It’s what you’ve been whisking for!

YOU CAN SAY FLAT AGAIN | For space-saving storage, the Flisk folds completely flat and as an added bonus, it won’t get tangled up with other utensils in your drawer or utensil pot.

CLEAN IN 2 SECONDS FLAT | To clean, simply twist the Flisk into a flat whisk and scrape off excess ingredients and put it in the dishwasher. With no disassembly required it's as easy as a,b,c and takes no time at all.

GOOD VIBRATIONS | The Flisk’s 10 stainless steel wires are made from high vibration spring steel for maximum aeration efficiency and are tightly sealed in its ergonomically designed handles.

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