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Grocery Budget Makeover: Online Course, Workbook & BONUS Bag Holders

Keep More of Your Money! End Grocery Overspending Once & For All!

Grocery Budget Makeover teams up with freezer cooking as a SPECIAL BONUS from Erin's LIVE WORKSHOP!

When is the last time you tallied up how much you spend on food per month? Now, I’m not talking about take-out or special occasion dinners – I mean JUST groceries. If you add up all the trips to the supermarket, Costco or Sam’s, and the snack food you grab while at Target, you might be stunned to see that what you thought was a reasonable amount is literally busting your budget!

I know, I know – budget seems like a boring, no-fun kind of word to some people. But you and I know that budgets are an important way to feed your family while staying financially healthy, so you try to stick to one.

Still, with rising prices and the sheer chaos of weekly grocery shopping, it can feel downright impossible to feed your family AND stay on track with your spending!


Next thing you know, you’re at the checkout, you’ve only got half of what you need for this week’s dinners, and the grand total is WAY MORE than you anticipated! 

(Ever feel like this when you look at your food and grocery spending? Or when trying to set up your grocery list each week?!) 

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

– you felt in total control of the money you hand over at the checkout every week?
– you were confident that you were stretching your dollars as far as they can go?
– you felt FREE from the sick feeling you get when you know you’re wasting money?

And even better…

– you knew you were serving your family delicious, health-conscious meals?
– you didn’t have to spend tons of time preparing, researching and shopping?
– you had a system where all of this was not only possible, but your new normal?

If you like the way this sounds, you’re going to LOVE the Grocery Budget Makeover!

This is SO MUCH MORE than just another printable or non-specific shopping list, and it’s WAY BETTER than a judgy “Buy This, Not That” article that doesn’t really fit your family’s needs.

The Grocery Budget Makeover is a TOTAL SPENDING OVERHAUL that will help you STOP OVERSPENDING, STOP WASTING MONEY, and FOREVER CHANGE your mindset and strategy when it comes to grocery shopping.

Register here for Erin's Grocery Budget Makeover Online Class. Within a few minutes of your registration, your login credentials and course information will be emailed to you.  We will MAIL you a copy of the Grocery Budget Makeover Workbook!

I can't wait to help you end overspending once and for all!!