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Book & Prep Kit for 15-Minute Freezer Meals

This cookbook is all about QUICK and EASY!

It's a cookbook, plus a lot of love and goodies.

The love is the videos. Erin loves freezer meals so much, she wants to prep them with you! So she invites you into her kitchen, as she preps the two complete freezer meal plans included with the book. Is there anything better than meal prep with a buddy? Nope!

What's Included in this Kit:

  • 15-Minute Freezer Meals Cookbook with 2 MyFreezEasy Freezer Meal Plans
  • 2 Printed MyFreezEasy Sticker Labels for Bags & Trays: These include cooking instructions and a place for you to add the date.
  • 2 MyFreezEasy Bag Holders: these nifty gadgets hold up your bags to stop the spills!
  • Weekly Meal Plan Tearpad
  • Step-by-step Video Instructions for 2 Freezer Meal Prep Sessions: cook along with Erin! Plus learn all the cool tricks and hacks!

    *BONUS: MyFreezEasy Meal Plans

    In the back of this book, you’ll find two complete MyFreezEasy Freezer Meal Plans to make a batch of TEN - 15-Minute freezer meals at once. (In what should only take about an hour's time!) 

    Meal Plan #1: All Chicken - to help you SAVE BIG on groceries if you can get chicken on sale

    Meal Plan #2: Mix - to help you get a variety of meal options into your freezer

    *The 2 MyFreezEasy Meal Plans in this cookbook are also emailed to you in a PDF file you can save and/or print!

    See image below to learn what’s included in this meal plan thing.

    Okay, so why should I buy this book?

    Because YOU my friend, deserve an easy and affordable way to get dinner on the table! This book will allow you to...

    • Eat healthier
    • Save money (grocery savings + less take-out!)
    • Spend less time in the kitchen 

    Order Your 15-Minute Freezer Meals Cookbook TODAY!

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