Online Courses with Erin

Dance around your kitchen and the grocery store like a PRO with these courses.

You won't regret it.

What's going on here?

The lovely Erin Chase has put together a few online courses. The Grocery Budget Makeover guides you through lessons to learn how to cut your grocery budget in half without even having to kick any kids out of the house. Electric Pressure Cooking 101 is everything you need to know to not be so stinkin' scared of your Instant Pot. My Efficient Kitchen seems pretty self explanatory, but it will teach you how to run your kitchen like a BOSS. You know, super efficient - like maybe you just stepped out of a home magazine.

What's an online course?

Video lessons, worksheets, and homework (don't roll your eyes!) that you get from a beautiful course website.

Click on each course below to learn more and sign up.

All of the video lessons in each course take place on the course website. The courses are self-paced and you can go through the lessons at your own pace and convenience. Upon successful registration, you will receive the login credentials and information you need to access the lessons. 

Pick one or pick them all! 

Grocery Budget Makeover



Electric Pressure Cooking 101


My Efficient Kitchen Online Course



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