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PDF: Ultimate Shopping List Bundle

If you want to spend less on groceries, you HAVE to get your shopping list in order!

One of the first steps in spending less on groceries is to get your shopping list in order. No more chicken scratch, back of the envelope shopping lists for you. You need the right list layouts and templates to get started...

Best resource? The Ultimate Shopping List Bundle from Grocery Budget Makeover!

Spend Less Money on Groceries

No more having to go back to the grocery store. Get organized and get everything you need in one trip.

Stop the "What's for dinner?!"

With your shopping list, we highly recommend a great meal plan to go with it. Most of the shopping list layouts and templates have a meal plan aspect to them. Yay for dinner hour organization!

Adios Drive Thru & Takeout

No more last minute dinner that turn into trips to the drive thru or calls for takeout, because you already have ingredients for make-at-home meals!

What You'll Get...

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Making the PERFECT Shopping List, week after week: We break it down into the smallest, simplest steps so that you can be successful and efficient in your shopping list writing efforts. There is a bit of trial and error - but we'll teach you some hacks!
  • Access to Shopping List Spreadsheet in Google Sheets:Create your own personalized shopping list spreadsheet, using ours as a "base." Add your own items, set up your perfect shopping list...and with the Google Sheets app, you'll always have it with you on your phone.
  • Variety of Shopping List Layouts and Templates:The Shopping List Bundle includes 8 different layouts for a shopping list - some with meal plans, some with blank spaces. We understand that everyone organizes a little differently and we want to connect you with the perfect layout for YOU. 
  • BONUS Printables: this bundle includes a number of bonus printables related to grocery shopping and to help keep you organized in your kitchen. Examples are: Pantry Inventory, Best Meat Price List, Freezer Inventory, and more! 


The Shopping List Bundle files and spreadsheet can be downloaded and saved on any computer. Print and use them the next time you go to the grocery store.