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Learn to Cook: Family Pack

Whip up fun and flavor with cooking lessons for the whole family!

The Learn to Cook Family Pack Includes:

  1. Whis-Kid Workbook printed + Video Lessons
  2. Teen Cuisine digital PDF + Video Lessons 
  3. Learn to Cook on a Budget Cookbook printed + Video Lessons


About Whis-Kid

1. Introduction with Special Notes for Kids & Adults: I want to make sure that everyone knows the rules and boundaries for Whis-Kid cooking lessons. It's important for me, yourself, and your kids to all be on the same page!

2. Cooking Objectives Lists: I want both adults and kids to clearly see how much they will be learning, and for the kids to feel accomplished in their culinary work.

3. Shopping Lists (4 servings): I recommend that you get all of the ingredients for each set of 5 lessons at once. Your kiddo will learn to cook 5 different meals throughout that week. And when you're ready to move onto the next lessons, the next shopping list is ready for you.

4. Complete Recipes: And by complete, I mean that each recipe page includes cookware lists, cooking objectives, video links, and completion stickers so that your kids will be well equipped and have success with each meal prep experience.

5. “Cook alongside of you” Videos: Erin and her boys recorded all of these lessons for you to work through along side of them. Erin teaches one of her boys (and your kiddo in your kitchen) and walks them through cooking the meal from start to finish. With this approach, your kids can follow along and feel like they’re cooking with friends, and have highest chance of success with their meal prep.

6. Bonus Videos with Erin: Learn more about knife skills and knife safety, as well as other cooking and kitchen safety rules, and an overview of basic cooking terms. These videos are only available to our Whis-Kid friends.


About Teen Cuisine

Teen Cuisine is a very specific type of cooking lesson that only your teen will understand. The recipes and videos are all super short and sweet.

With Teen Cuisine, you get recipes with specific cooking strategies (that can translate to many other recipes), along with shopping lists and cooking lesson videos.

Your teen will be able to:

  • get the groceries (if they drive), or they can set up an order for you.
  • watch the “YouTube shorts” style videos
  • practice making the meals for your family
  • learn very valuable life and kitchen skills that they won’t learn in a traditional school setting
  • Teen Cuisine is designed for YOUR TEENS TO DO ON THEIR OWN. (Let’s goooooo…personal responsibility!) 

Recipes Included:

  • Macaroni and Cheeseburger Soup
  • Baja Shredded Chicken
  • Twirly Triple Mac and Cheese
  • Spinach Artichoke Chicken
  • Beef Ravioli Bake
  • Greek Chicken Bake
  • Cinnamon Roll Blondies


About Learn to Cook on a Budget Cookbook

Master Cooking at Home on a Budget with Erin Chase’s latest cookbook: Learn to Cook on a Budget. In this cookbook-workbook, you will get expert tips plus recipes and video lessons designed to help you learn to cook and gain confidence in the kitchen.

Budget home chef extraordinaire, Erin Chase of $5 Dinners fame, brings you a collection of easy to follow video lessons with coordinating recipes that will teach you a wide range of cooking strategies and methods.

She's unlocked the secret to making the most affordable meals at home, as she feeds her husband and 4 growing boys on a budget - week in and week out - for as close to $5 total as possible.

In this unique cookbook-workbook, Erin’s pulled together all of the amazing recipes that coordinate with the cooking lesson videos in her Learn to Cook on a Budget series. The recipes included in this cookbook-workbook will help you learn the basic cooking skills needed for lifelong success in the kitchen. With your newfound confidence, you will be eating healthier by cooking at home, and you will ultimately help you save money on groceries and dining out too.  

Learn to Cook on a Budget includes:

  • 40+ beginner cook recipes made with healthy and wholesome ingredients - each recipe and lesson contains cooking objectives, featured gadgets and simple link to the video lesson
  • 40 cooking lesson videos are designed to walk you through the cooking methods and strategy in a straightforward, step by step way so you can watch in advance or watch as you cook alongside Erin (virtually)
  • Themed lesson sets to help you master how to cook different ingredients like eggs, pasta, grains and meats, or how to master cooking with an appliance like the slow cooker or electric pressure cooker
  • Budget-friendly ingredients that won’t break your grocery budget

Let Erin help you gain confidence in the kitchen and grow in your cooking skills and repertoire. She’s ready to help you learn how to make meals like: Poblano Egg Scramble, Drop Biscuits with Maple Butter Compound, Homemade Alfredo Sauce, Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli, Oven Fried Chicken Tenders, Bacon Cheeseburger Chili, Mason Jar Salads, and so many more budget-friendly weeknight meals.

Pack's TOTAL VALUE: $52.