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Grocery Budget Makeover Workbook

Need to stop overspending on groceries?

Erin Chase from $5 Dinners cut her grocery bill in half using a combination of strategic grocery shopping, meal planning & couponing methods.

And she is now on a mission to help YOU cut your grocery spending in half with her one-of-a-kind Grocery Budget Makeover course.

She has pulled all her years of savvy grocery planning and shopping into a simple step-by-step program and strategy that will flip turn upside-down the way you grocery shop...forever...and will result in savings of hundreds and thousands of dollars! (So our Super Savers tell us!)

The Grocery Budget Makeover Workbook Includes:

1. Spending Trackers

2. Checklists and Takeaways from Each Lesson

3. Challenges with Each Lesson

4. Variety of Meal Planners and Price Sheets

5. Eleven Essential Lessons & Building Blocks

6. Before and After Picture to Measure Savings!

7. Plenty of Space to Take Notes and Dig into the Makeover


This workbook is best used with our Grocery Budget Makeover video course. It can be very helpful on it's own, but we recommend working through it with the videos. We will email you a special discount for the video course, after you order this workbook! Watch your email for that :)