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Freezer to Instant Pot - Member's Favorite Recipes

Yes. It’s possible.

To take a rock solid, frozen ball of delicious. 

And have it ready for the table in less than an hour. Without having to touch it! 

Freezer to Instant Pot Meals are the latest rage...and for good reason. 

They cook FAST (as in, oops, I forgot to start the slow cooker this morning...) and they cook well! (The Instant Pot infuses flavors like no other cooking method does!) 

And...my favorite part, they are completely hands off. 

Not all meals do well from "freezer to Instant Pot to table," but we've done the hard work in figuring out which work best and compiled them here for you! 

In this Freezer to Instant Pot - Member's Favorites Recipes meal plan, we have the following recipes. 

What You Get with Each Instant Pot Freezer Meal Plan:

5 Make-Ahead Freezer to Instant Pot Recipes - each recipe doubles to make 10 meals

4 Adult Servings - recipes are written for 4 adult servings

Shopping Lists for all ingredients needed to make your freezer meals

Step-by-step Directions for putting your meals together and into the freezer

Printable Labels file to print stickers out for your freezer meals

How to Guide for Making Freezer to Instant Pot Meals

You'll be amazed at how easy it will be to get your groceries, make the meals for the freezer, and then get them cooked and ready for dinner!

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