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Basic Freezer Cooking Starter Kit

Feel confident about your freezer cooking session with this kit!

The Basic Starter Kit has everything you need to get started with freezer cooking and with MyFreezEasy's freezer meal plans! 

I think I have some bags somewhere in the back of my pantry. Why do I need this kit?

A super smart woman once said something like, "The key to success is being prepared." And since these are the tools we actually use in our own kitchens - we think they will be the key to your success too.

Focus your efforts on getting the meal ingredients at the grocery store, and then use this kit for the rest!

The Starter Kit includes: 

  • Disposable Foil Trays {Count: 4, Size: 11 x 10} You need these for the baked recipes
  • Freezer Bags {Count: 8, Size: Gallon} You need these for just about any recipe other than Baked Recipes
  • Sticker Labels {Count: 2 sheets, Size: Avery 6874} You need these so you can print the instructions on how to cook the meals once they are frozen. This also saves you from buying a pack of 25. 
  • Quick Start Guide The perfect step-by-step guide. Plus a MyFreezEasy Meal Plan AND printable resources to plan and keep track of your meals. It's basically everything you need to be a PRO at this freezer meal thing.
  • Freezer Meal Bag Stands {Set of 2} You need these so you don't have to line up your children to hold the bags for you while they roll their eyes and groan.

Order your kit today! Your family, your budget, and your stress level will thank you.