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Deck the Freezer Quick Start Bundle

This nifty bundle is the perfect companion to the Deck the Freezer Party!

Wait. What is the Deck the Freezer Party?

It's the easiest way to get SIX dinners prepped and into your freezer. 

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You NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE if you'd like to...

Feel confident and efficient with the time you spend in the kitchen, making dinner for your family every-single-day! (Yes, those people need to eat every day for some reason?!)

Say BYE FELICIA to dinnertime stress, once and for all!!

Bundle Includes

  • Printed Deck the Freezer Party Plan ($10 value)
  • Printed Sticker Labels ($17 value)
  • Set of TWO bag holders ($10 value)

These super cool bag holders will hold your bags up while you fill them with delicious meals. They hold quart and gallon size bags, and fold down flat for stuffing into kitchen drawers.

Order your bundle TODAY and enjoy the life of fuss-free dinners!!