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A 20 Freezer Meals Plan

Whether your a freezer cooking novice, amateur or professional, when you get these 20 meals into your freezer, you really will feel like the dinner fairy pays you a visit every time you serve one!

For years, I've wanted a laundry fairy...but I've managed to work out a system that works really well for our family - doing a load a day and the boys folding and putting away their own clothes. (I have to do a load a day to keep dirty, stinky boy clothes from piling up!)

While I love to cook meals for my family on an almost daily basis (we go out for dinner less than once a week, usually just twice a month...because it's just easier and more comfortable for our 4 squirrely boys to eat at home!), I also love having backup in the freezer. And I love that freezer meals are like my "dinner fairy."

Because life gets busy. And you get stuck in the pediatricians' office, or having to take a kid to get stitches, or a last minute practice schedule change for Tball. Or gray skies just make you want to slump on the couch and do nothing. Or an upcoming arrival from the stork. Or a surgery with long recovery.

Whatever life is throwing at you right now, freezer meals can help. They can help alleviate the dinner stress...and they can help you get through really stressful during tough times and busy times.

Freezer meals help you free up more time and mental energy, when you're willing to invest an hour or two to get them prepped and into the freezer ahead of time.

This 20 Meals Plan, 1st Edition from FreezEasy has:

  • 10 brand new recipes (doubled to make 20 meals)
  • 4 shopping list options
  • step-by-step assembly instructions for both ingredient prep and loading meals
  • highlights video with tips and strategies for preparing and cooking each meal

Grab your meal plan now and get your freezer loaded...and your "dinner fairy" will be there when you need her!