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Back to School Meal Plan: Ground Beef Meals

MORE grocery SAVINGS and LESS food WASTE with this ground beef freezer meal plan!

*Buy ground beef on sale = save money
*Get the ground beef prepped into meals = less wasted ingredients

    Meal Plan Includes:

    • 5 recipes your family will love - doubled to make TEN meals
    • Shopping lists - no math skills needed, different formats based on your preference
    • Easy instructions - you’ll be finished in LESS than one hour
    • Printable Labels File - recipe title and cooking instructions you can print and stick on your meal bag or tray

    The Recipes in the Ground Beef Meals Plan:

    Hashbrown Beef Bake
    Cheesy Hamburger Helper
    Beef Ravioli Bake
    Beef & Refried Bean Burritos
    BBQ Bacon Burgers

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