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6-Week Summer Slow Cooker Plan

Looking forward to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer??? Don't want to stress about dinner? Or feel guilty about your kids having cold cereal for dinner every other night???

We’ve put together an special new "Summer Slow Cooker Meal plan" designed to create delicious, wholesome meals without a ton of fuss and bother, and without heating the house up!

This meal plan is such a huge help in getting you in and out of the store and then the kitchen, freeing you up for more of summer is all about: FUN in the sun!

Or keeping cool in the shade!

Or lounging by the pool, or whatever YOU want to be doing with your summer!

In this set of recipes, there are some old favorites from $5 Dinners, as well as all new recipes. Also, it is a completely new set of recipes from our first and very popular "6-Week Slow Cooker Plan"...absolutely no repeats!!!

Here's a little more information about this huge dose of summertime kitchen and meal plan awesomeness.

Printable PDF of the 6-Week "Summer Slow Cooker" Meal Plan

  • 6 Weeks of Recipes with 450 calories or less plus weekly shopping lists & nutritional information on each recipe

The meal plan is delivered as 6 different files, one for each week of the 6 weeks. Each weekly meal plan consists of...

  • 5 Summer Slow Cooker Dinner Recipes
  • 1 Other Summer Slow Cooker Recipe, like dessert or side dish
  • Weekly Shopping List for those 6 Recipes for That Week (including space to add other ingredients you might need to pick up at the store)
  • Nutritional Information for all recipes

Take the guesswork out of meal planning and have a delicious summer! Add the Summer Slow Cooker Meal Plan to your shopping bag now!