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5-Ingredient Challenge PRINTED BUNDLE

This is the ULTIMATE companion to Erin's 5-Ingredient Challenge!

You know when you sign up for something... and then you never follow through with it... because you had to ALSO get x, y, and z before you could even get started?

No? Well, high five my friend! Get outta here. You don't need this.


Sooooo, I put together this fantastic printed bundle - just for you. It's absolutely everything you need for the 5-Ingredient Challenge. No downloading. No printing. No wishing-you-had-the-cool-bag-holders after ingredients spill all over your counter.

First, order this printed bundle.
Next, shop for your ingredients from the shopping list that is likely already in your inbox right now.
Then, take about 30 minutes of your time to get SIX meals prepped and into the freezer.

Easy as one, two, three!

Here is what we will mail to you:

  • The 5 Ingredient Challenge Plan: Printed! On real paper!
  • 5-Ingredient Meals Sticker Labels (with Recipe Name and Cooking Instructions for Challenge Meal Plan): Printed! On sticker paper!
  • Bag Holders: Set of 2 freezer meal bag holders!