10 Meals for $102 - The All Organic Meals Plan

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Are you a home chef trying to feed your family organic meals…without burning a hole in your wallet?

What if I gave you a tool to make 10 Freezer-Friendly Organic Dinners (4 servings each!) for $102…that you can have in the freezer in less than 1 hour, hands on time?

10 Organic Meals for $102!!! This is the 10th meal plan in the "20 Meals for $150, using ingredients from Costco" and this is the all-organic version....

I've heard time and time again that eating organic is just too expensive. I've been asked over and over and over "how to eat organic on a budget." My answer is always the same...follow all the same 'rules' for saving on conventional food and you'll save on organic food too. You'll be paying more, but you can still 'play the game' and save money too. But know that you "base prices" will be higher, so you'll be paying more than you would for conventional food.

To be honest, I've always struggled and wrestled with the idea of eating partly-to-mostly organic, but in the end...I "squeeze in whatever organic ingredients" I can fit into my budget each month.


I started shopping at Costco and discovered that many of their organic ingredients are very reasonably priced...even competitive with conventional foods at the regular grocery store. So over time, I started including more of their organic ingredients into our budget. And of course, into our dinner meals as well.

Y'all know that I love to 'mix and match' the bulk ingredients from Costco into delicious and amazing freezer cooking meal plans...and I've done it again for you...this time using all organic ingredients, sold at Costco.

  • I don't want organic meals to be too expensive for you.
  • I want you to be able to afford to eat better and more healthfully.
  • I want you to feel confident knowing that you're feeding your family great food.
  • I want you to use this tool and have this plan...to help your family enjoy organic meals without burning a hole in your budget.

Yes, it's that simple. You'll feel amazing knowing that you have 10 organic dinners stashed in the freezer and you can don't have to worry about your organic meal being too expensive, or getting dinner on the table.

Let me tell you a little more about this meal plan and tool for making organic meals on a budget...

In this brand new organic ingredient meal plan, you’ll find 2 chicken recipes, 2 ground beef recipes, 1 vegetarian recipe. The meats and cheese make up over half of the total budget for the ingredients, and I've strategically used the different meats paired with other more inexpensive organic ingredients that Costco sells.

With the BASIC PACKAGE of the organic ingredient meal plan, you will receive:

  • Warehouse Store Shopping List - one shopping list for the warehouse store (this list can be easily adapted for any grocery store!)
  • Complete recipes list - recipes for all meals included(including 2 bonus homemade spice recipes!)

It took me LESS THAN 1 HOUR of prep time to get everything into the freezer! to get them all together and into the freezer.

Recipes include:

(2) Chicken Tortilla Soup
(2) Chicken Taco Salad
(2) Beef and Black Bean Nachos
(2) Sloppy-Cheesy Joe Sandwiches
(2) Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

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