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Back to School: Cookbook & Meal Prep Pack

This Cookbook Pack is everything you need for EASY Back to School Dinners!

Getting back into the weekday school routine will be a BREEZE with this pack of awesome-ness!

Cookbooks full of recipes with short ingredient lists and 15 minutes or less hands-on time for you.

Want some make ahead meals? In just ONE HOUR, you can get TEN MEALS into your freezer with the meal plans and bag holders included in this pack!

What's Included in the Cookbook Pack:

  • Cookbook 1: 5-Ingredient Freezer Meals (includes 2 freezer meal plans!)
  • Cookbook 2: 15-Minute Freezer Meals (includes 2 freezer meal plans!)
  • Bag Holders: 2 packs of 2 - 4 total bag holders
  • Printed Sticker Labels: These coordinate with the meal plans in the back of each cookbook. There are 2 meal plans in each book - 4 total sheets of sticker labels