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2-Pack Euroscrubby: Your New Best Cleaning Friend


Meet your new best cleaning friend! If you don't have a Euroscrubby by now, you need to order one right now! They're fun, colorful, and efficient cleaners. Definitely needed for your kitchen and bathroom.

Multi-purpose scrubber. The BEST abrasive, non-scratch cleaning cloth!

Replace your green scour pads with the Euroscrubby.

KITCHEN USE: Clean non-stick pans, skillets and pots, glass or ceramic cooktops, cookware. Scrub and clean vegetables.

BATHROOM USE: Great for cleaning porcelain, tile, glass shower doors and faucets.

OUTDOOR USE: Garden tools, furniture, boats, car detailing, pools

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Place on top rack of dishwasher. Place it in the washing machine with towels only. Do not machine wash with delicates or nice clothing.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: approx. 2” x 3” size, cotton based, non-plastic coating.

Assorted colors.