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12 Meals for $70 - Summer Meals from Aldi

UPDATE: The newly redesigned and refreshed plans and bundles are now available.Click here

The heat is upon us and the last thing you want to be doing is heating up the kitchen everyday.

The less time I have to spend thinking about and preparing dinner, the more time I get to spend in the pool…or sneaking in a movie with the boys. Or running them to and from VBS or tennis camp, or gymnastics camp.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather spend time creating these amazing memories and moments to cherish forever, than sweat away in the kitchen.

I’d much rather spend an hour in the kitchen getting a bunch of meals pulled together, than have to think about or worry about what’s for dinner at the end of an exhausting day of summer fun.

It’s about more than time too…it’s about money. I know, for me, the temptation to hit the drive thru is much higher in the summer months. And that gets expensive fast! I want your meals this summer to be simple and easy, and I know you do too…

This is exactly why I’m sharing another summer meal plan with you! This one developed using ingredients (and prices) from ALDI.

When my long-time contributor and assistant Dana asked me if she could pull together a meal plan specific to the grocery store ALDI, I might have shouted and cheered and jumped up and down. It’s a sad, sad, sad thing that there isn’t an Aldi store in San Antonio, I miss it greatly. (Perhaps I’ll start a petition to get a store here!)

Anyways, she put together an amazing freezer-friendly plan, using ingredients from Aldi, and we’ve plugged it all into the amazing meal plan style that you’ve come to know and expect from $5 Dinners.

This meal plan is a little different from our other meal plans:

  • Now with 12 meals. Short, simple and crazy delicious.  Each meal still feeds 4 adults.
  • Calls for ingredients from Aldi. BUT…
  • It can really be used at ANY GROCERY STORE. (Note: the shopping list is written so it can be used at any grocery store. It doesn’t include Aldi brand names.)
  • Delicious freezer-friendly grilling recipes mixed with some pasta and soup recipes for the freezer.

You can expect the same great shopping list, recipes list, printable labels, assembly instructions and access to exclusive video of yours truly assembling all the meals.

  • Printable Assembly Instructions – step by step guide to pulling all these meals together and into the freezer & pantry
  • Printable Labels – you can print these out onto Avery #6874 label paper and stick them to your plastic baggies or containers.
  • Instructional Assembly Videos – exclusive access to special tips and tricks I don't share anywhere else!
  • Full Recipes
  • 2 Sets of Grocery Shopping Lists

    Whether you are hanging out with the kids all summer shuttling them from camp to camp or from pool to pool, or you’re struggling to balance working from home while keeping the kids occupied, or just working right through as if summer were like any other season, I don’t want you to have to worry about dinner either. I want you to get through the busy-busy-fun-busy-fun summer without batting an eye about dinner or spending too much money on takeout or fast food.

    I want your meals this summer to be simple and easy, and I know you do too…

    That’s why I’ve pulled together another fantastic meal plan for you…this one featuring delicious, fresh meals that will get you through those hot, summer afternoons.

    This meal plan contains a ‘hodgepodge’ of different kinds of recipes, some freezer friendly, some potluck or cookout friendly, some for the grill. You’ll find:

    Recipe List

    • (2) Cheddar Stuffed BBQ Burgers
    • (2) Grilled Chicken Fajitas
    • (2) Italian Sausage Baked Pasta with Spinach
    • (2) Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwiches
    • (2) Italian Vegetable Soup
    • (2) BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

    *Note: the (2) designates that you’ll make that meal twice in this plan.

    In addition to the regular shopping list, recipe list and assembly/video instructions for the plan, I also shot a new video explaining how to work with the different fresh ingredients and ingredients you might want to get at the grocery store.

    {It only took just over 1 hour to put together 12 meals for the freezer…and you can watch the video of the assembly process so you don’t feel alone in your efforts. I also included cooking demos of the other 3 pantry-staple recipes for you in the assembly video! }

      Add to cart to get the full access to the recipes and grocery shopping list plus assembly instructions and exclusive video access. We will email you the meal plan downloads to the email entered at checkout. 

      Disclaimer: There is no formal relationship between Aldi & $5 Dinners-MyFreezEasy. These meal plans were created by $5 Dinners, using ingredients from Aldi. Grocery prices are originally from 2015, and may vary by region and season.
      This type of meal plan will continue to be an excellent way to save money on food, in spite of changes in pricing.