StoraBag™ Drawer Food Bag Dispenser, 3-Slot

StoraBag™ Food Bag Dispenser keeps all your bags in one tidy spot.

Individual compartments organize food storage bags in any drawer or cabinet.

Bright labels and wide slots help you easily find and pull the bag you need.

A removable lid makes reloading quick. With supplies organized, meal prep is in the bag.

  • DISPENSING: Fits standard-size gallon, quart, sandwich, or snack plastic food bags in 2 compartments with wide slots for removing bags with an additional slot for small items like rubber bands and twist ties
  • EASY LOAD: Top lid is removable for quick loading of baggies so you can ditch the boxes
  • FAST FIND: Includes 24 removable labels to identify and select the bag size you need
  • FLEXIBLE STORAGE: Organizer lays down in drawer or stands vertically in cabinet or pantry