Multi-Functional Mat for Microwave & Fridge, Gray

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Every microwave needs one! You’ll soon wonder how you managed without this mat for your microwave (and fridge!)

Keep your microwave clean and your hands safe too!

2 sizes available! 

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: splatter guard, catch spills, drying mat, hot pad, trivet, placement, jar opener, utensil rest, cover for bowls, pots.

PREVENT MESSES: Great for use as a lid cover to guard microwaves from splatters.

NO MORE BURNS: Base is designed for heat circulation and stability. Raised edge helps to easily lift hot bowls and plates while keeping your hands safe from the heat. Made with heat-resistant BPA-Free silicone and is safe up to 400 °F.

DISHWASHER SAFE. Easy to clean in dishwasher, BPA-free silicone.

MICROWAVE SAFE. The Micro Mat is the perfect food cover to eliminate splatter, or place it under the dish to catch spills and safely lift hot containers from the microwave. The Large 12” Micro Mat fits standard glass turntables.

Functional & Stylish

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Small, 9.5” silicone mat. Large, 12” silicone mat.

The Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwave Multi-Mat contains messes and spills in the microwave and fridge.