Intentional Bites Meal Planner & Food Journal


This planner is everything you need to get your meal planning organized!

What this is all about:

This planner is, as you may have guessed, about being intentional. Living with intention is what Erin Chase is all about, and this planner offers a way to take on the eating and meal planning areas of intentional living.

Why you need this:
If you love putting pencil to paper on a regular basis, this planner is for you. It’s also for you if you are aiming to be more of a “planner person.”

This planner is for you if you want to have a plan of action when it comes to eating and meals… and you want to keep track of what you’ve eaten so you can look back and reflect on how those meals made you feel.

This planner is not for you if you are a:

*Digital-only type of person and you aren’t into writing things down.
*Live-in-the-moment type of person who is absolutely not into making plans and keeping track of things.

This planner can be used for simple meal planning, food journaling, water intake tracking, and daily tracking of how you feel.

Erin created this planner after she went through several rounds of "elimination diets" to discover what foods were contributing to the frustrating symptoms. She searched for a tool to help her through the process and couldn't find one. So in true Erin form, she whipped up a solution to a problem. She made it pretty and fun too.

Erin used this type of planning when trying to figure out what foods fuel her best, but maybe you need it to hold yourself more accountable. Maybe you need it to figure out if you actually DO have that food allergy that’s been on your brain lately.
Maybe you just like pretty pink planners.

If you’re still reading this, you are probably ready for the details of what’s actually IN the planner. Plus, you’ll want to know about the bonus goodies we've added!


The Intentional Bites Planner Includes: 

  • Intentional Bites Planner - shipped to you
  • 4 Monthly Tracker Sheets - Printable PDF
  • Kickstarter Menu - Printable PDF
  • Monthly Inspiration & Phone Wallpapers
  • Motivation and Healthy Recipes

Page Breakdown

Tab 1: My Intentional Bites
Getting to Know Me
How Do I Want to Feel
How I Feel When
Create-Your-Own Yes & No Lists
Favorite Meals
Create-Your-Own Eat this, not that list
Planning Ahead: Meals at home, Fast Food, Restaurants
Get Back on Track Plan
Hydration, Supplements, Vitamins & Medications
Movement Plan

Tab 2: My Food Journal
59 daily journal pages
13 weekly journals (each week covers two pages)

Tab 3: My Meal Plans
12 Grocery Shopping List with Weekly Meal Planners
26 Weekly Meal Planners
12 Monthly Meal Planners


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