FreezeUp™ Food Block Maker, 6 Cup

FreezeUp™ Food Block Maker transforms soups, stews and sauces into tidy bags of frozen food for an organized freezer.

Freezing leftovers and meal prep has never been easier. Simply insert a plastic storage bag into the container, fill and freeze in standing position.

Silicone bands are then removed and the mold comes apart to reveal your perfectly frozen block of food.

The food bags keep smells and colors from transferring to the mold so no clean-up is necessary before your next freeze.

The uniform blocks of food save precious freezer space and defrost faster and safer than large cubes.

With an organized freezer, your next meal is just a thaw away.

  • CAPACITY: Fits gallon-size plastic food storage bags to hold 6 cups (48 fl oz / 1419 mL)
  • EASY TO FILL: Stands vertically to hold bags open for mess-free filling and compact freezing
  • FREEZE AND REVEAL: Silicone bands expand as food freezes in mold and are easy to remove when frozen block is ready for storage
  • SPACE SAVING: Creates thin blocks of food measuring approximately 2.0” D x 6.5” W x 8.0” H for an organized freezer space and faster, safer defrost