A Year of Freezer Meal Plans - Traditional Meals

Don't want to commit to a membership to MyFreezEasy?!

Well, we have an option just for you. It's our annual membership, printed out into a book!

With this book, we've pulled together groups of popular recipes by month and printed out what would be an annual membership.

It's 12 months worth of freezer meal cooking plans!

Would you rather pick your own recipes?! Check out the MyFreezEasy program that allows you to create your own freezer meal cooking plan!

What You Get with Each Month's Freezer Meals Cooking Plan:

5 Make-Ahead Freezer Meal Recipes - each recipe doubles to make 10 meals

4 Adult Servings - recipes are written for 4 adult servings

Shopping Lists for all ingredients needed to make your 10 freezer meals each month

Step-by-step Directions for getting ingredients prepared and then putting your meals together and into the freezer

You'll be amazed at how easy it will be to get your groceries (and save money on them too!), make the meals for the freezer, and then get them cooked and ready for dinner!

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